Bulk Oil

Three ways of increasing your Coconut Oil Intake

Coconut oil is known for its diverse benefits to the human body. It is scientifically proven that oil goes a long way to reducing plaque formation hence lessen the occurrence of gingivitis. The oil also contains ketones which can be used as alternatives for glucose in brain development, especially in Alzheimer patients who lack the glucose. Some consumers will prefer taking this type of oil for its health benefits. As you purchase bulk oil for restaurants, here are some of the ways that you can include it in your meals.

1. In Coffees and Smoothies.

You have to blend the coconut oil enough for it to emulsify in coffee. In smoothies, on the other hand, hiding the taste and texture of the coconut oil is easy, but it might leave some clumps. To avoid leaving clumps, melt the coconut oil and add it slowly to the smoothies as it blends.

2. Energy Bars and Coconut Buttercups.

You should introduce coconut oil in energy bars and buttercups. This can quickly provide kids with ketones as kids have a taste for these two fancy snacks. While buying bulk oil for restaurants, make this consideration. It is pretty easy to add the oil to the two snacks as it acts as a complimentary flavor. Since coconut oil is packed with healthy fats, it is an excellent energy source for kids.

3. Cooking and Star Frying.

Coconut oil has an excellent smoke point, and concentration of saturated fats makes ideal for cooking. We often use it to cook pan cooked dishes as a pan coat. Coconut oil can also substitute margarine in baking. This adds a unique flavor to the cakes.

These are just but a few ways of adding this healthy ingredient to your daily sales in your restaurant. The unique flavor from the coconut oil will make your customer want more. Adding coconut oil to the shopping list for bulk oil for restaurants becomes worth it.


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