Balsamic Glaze

3 Great Ways to Use Bulk Balsamic Glaze

Balsamic is a household name for many people. It is majorly known and used in its vinegar form. However, for the more exploring category of people, balsamic glaze provides an alternative. Do not join the club where people only limit bulk balsamic glaze for mere salad glazing. This article shows you the various way you can play around with your bulk balsamic glaze to bring about a changed recipe in your kitchen.

1. As a marinade

If you are making arrangements to hold a barbecue in your backyard, then you will need a balsamic glaze. This will be used as a marinade for your meats. To achieve the best results, brush some balsamic glaze over the steak. Then you can let it rest in the refrigerator for two days or a few hours before grilling. Do not pour the glaze on the meat but brush to avoid wastage.

2. In making sweet turkey burgers

Take a few herbs and spices of your choices, mix this thoroughly with your turkey mince. For instance, you can then use cinnamon and a few fresh berries. Then take several spoonful of balsamic glaze and add to the mixture. Does eating sweet burgers sound odd to you? Do not worry, remember you lather turkey in cranberry sauce during Thanksgiving, hence the same difference.

3. Maceration of Berries

Very few people are aware of this practice using the bulk balsamic glaze. But there are enough people to make it worth listing here so that you too can try it. There are various methods of doing it. However, the simplest one is taking your balsamic glaze, add strawberries, mix, sit and enjoy. You can be further creative and top this mixture to a Greek yogurt or pound cake. You can prepare this for a desert, or for your kid’s birthday party.

Bulk balsamic glaze comes in handy in more ways than one in your household. It makes it possible to quickly fix anything without having to prepare the glaze first. For more information check here.


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